Lunch & Dinner

Savor the flavors of

True South

    • True South Sandwiches

      Served with choice of Fixin'. Add Bacon–$2.00 • Add Slaw–$.75 • Add Pepper Jack Cheese–$1.15 • Add a Second Fixin'– $2.75 The smoke ring in our beef, and the pink to red tint of our pork and chicken is a natural reaction from real smoke, enjoy!

    • Southwestern Chicken Sandwich


      Breast, grilled, fried or blackened/avocado/lettuce/tomato/pepper jack/chipotle sauce.

    • Smoked Turkey Sandwich


      Cranberry aioli/bacon/pepper jack cheese/grilled sourdough.

    • Cubano


      Smoked ham, pulled pork, hot pepper cheese, pickles, mustard on a baguette.

    • Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Or Chicken Sandwich


      Beef Brisket with Atlanta BBQ sauce on a toasted bun. Pulled pork or chicken–$14.95

    • BBQ Melt


      Pulled pork, beef brisket or chicken, melted cheddar cheese, Atlanta BBQ sauce/Texas toast.

    • Catfish Po' Boy


      Fried or blackened catfish/southern slaw/pickles/homemade tartar sauce/french bread.

    • Smoked Tri-Tip Sandwich


      Beef tri-tip/lettuce/tomato and onion/Atlanta BBQ sauce/mayo/french bread.

    • Lonestar Burger


      1/2 lb. patty/cheddar cheese/bacon/avocado/onion ring/Atlanta BBQ sauce/toasted bun.

    • Cheeseburger


      1/2 lb. patty/cheddar cheese/lettuce, tomato and onion/toasted bun.

    • Chicken Fried Steak Bowl


      Fresh mashed potatoes, crispy green beans and corn topped with chopped Chicken Fried Steak and smothered with our gravy.

    • The Johnny Rebs' Special


      Choice of pulled chicken or pork/dipped in our North Carolina sauce/topped with slaw.

    • Mac 'n Cheese Bowl


      Griddled Mac 'n Cheese, grilled bacon, green onion, smothered in pulled pork BBQ

    • Small Plates

      The smoke ring in our beef, and the pink to red tint of our pork and chicken is a natural reaction from real smoke, enjoy!

    • Catfish


      One fillet, one fixin' and bread choice.

    • BBQ Chicken


      1/4 bird, one fixin' and bread choice.

    • BBQ Sliders


      BBQ beef, pork or chicken (or any two)/one fixin'. Add slaw–$.70.

    • Chicken Strips Over French Fries


      Hand-breaded chicken/fries.

    • BBQ Bowl


      B.Y.O.B. Build your own bowl. Create your own BBQ to your liking. Choose one from each:

      • Cajun Rice, Fresh Mashed Potatoes or Cheddar Grits • BBQ Pinto Beans or Southern Slaw• BBQ Pulled Chicken, Pork or Beef • Sauce it with BBQ Sauce, North Carolina Sauce or Bourbon Glaze • Biscuit or Cornbread or Hushpuppies.

    • Nashville Hot Chicken


      Boneless fried chicken breast served Damn Hot! Just like in Nashville over french fries and pickles to cool the fire.

    • Flatbread Pizza

      Add small Garden Salad or Caesar Salad – $2.25. The smoke ring in our beef, and the pink to red tint of our pork and chicken is a natural reaction from real smoke, enjoy!

    • BBQ Pork


      North Carolina Sauce and Atlanta BBQ Sauce, mozzarella, pulled pork, roasted bell pepper, jalapeño, pineapple and cilantro.

    • Creole Shrimp Spinach Pizza


      Mozzarella/chipotle sauce/shrimp/fresh spinach/dill.

    • Fresh Green Tomato Veggie Pizza


      Tomato sauce/mozzarella/green tomatoes/mushrooms/onion/bell pepper.

    • Cajun Sausage and Peppers


      Mozzarella/Cajun Sausage/onion/bellpepper/chipotle cream sauce.

    • Fixins'

    • French Fries

    • Sweet Potato Fries

    • BBQ Pinto Beans

    • Fresh Collard Greens

    • Fresh Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

    • Mac 'n Cheese

    • Seasonal Fresh Vegetables

    • Bitty Salad

    • Southern Slaw

    • Onion Rings

    • Fried Okra

    • Cajun Rice

    • Brunswick Stew (Seasonal)

    • Desserts

      We make our desserts from scratch daily! Add ice cream to any dessert–$3.00.

    • Drop Biscuit Peach Cobbler


      Bowl. Cup–$6.50 • Make it Ala Mode–$3.00.

    • Key Lime Pie


      Fresh lime filling/homemade graham cracker crust/whipped cream.

    • Pecan Pie


      Buttery caramel filling/pecans

    • Elvis' Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie


      Light peanut butter filling/graham cracker crust/chocolate/whipped cream.

    • Fried Apple Pie


      Apples in a biscuit crust/fried/smothered in vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, and sugar. Serves 2.

    • Mama's Banana Pudding


      Vanilla pudding/fresh bananas/vanilla wafers/layered in an old-fashioned Mason jar/whipped cream.

    • Ablazing Grace Bread Pudding


      Our old-fashioned bread pudding from a family recipe is drizzled with homemade caramel sauce.

Prices subject to change.