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Lunch served daily 11 a.m.–4 p.m.

    • Appetizers Plates To Share

    • Trilogy Sausage Sampler


      1 Louisiana Cajun, 2 Texas Hotlink/Creole Mustard, Atlanta BBQ

    • True South Sampler


      Fried green tomatoes, okra and fried pickles. All of our favorites.

    • Onion Rings


      Hand-cut, hand-breaded, extra crunch, extra love/Atlanta BBQ. Half order–$8.50.

    • Fried Pickles


      Dill chips dusted with cornmeal/homemade ranch. Half–$6.50.

    • Fried Okra


      Chopped okra pieces, cornmeal dusted/homemade ranch. Half:–$7.50.

    • Jalapeño Hushpuppies


      Southern-fried cornmeal fritters/smokey chipotle sauce.

    • Boudin Balls


      Cajun-style pork sausage and rice, pepper jack cheese rolled into a large fritter with sriracha remoulade. Half –$7.25.

    • Pig 'N Fries


      French fries/cheddar cheese/pulled pork/BBQ sauce/green onions.

    • Smoked Chicken Wings


      Choice of Southern Fried, Fiery Hot, or Atlanta BBQ.

    • Fried Green Tomatoes


      Dredged in our seasoned cornmeal/bacon/smokey chipotle sauce.

    • Salads and Small Plates

      All salads are served with choice of biscuit, cornbread or hushpuppies, and choice of dressing: Homemade Vinaigrette, Buttermilk Ranch, BBQ Ranch, Parmesan Ceasar, or Blue Cheese. Our Lettuce Greens are locally sourced romaine, baby spinach, iceberg, shredded cabbage. Add To Any Salad: Southern Fried or Blackened Chicken–$5.50 • Catfish: fried, herb-coated or blackened–$6.50 • Sliced Tri-Tip–$6.00 • Salmon Filet–$7.50.

    • Catfish Caesar Salad


      Catfish (Southern Fried or blackened), parmesan-cheese/Ceasar dressing/cornbread croutons/romaine.

    • Bourbon Glazed Salmon Salad


      Salmon/cranberries/pecans/blue cheese crumbles.

    • Smoked Chicken Salad


      Pulled smoked chicken/bacon/tomatoes/green onions/cheddar cheese/lettuce greens.

    • Farmer's Market Salad


      Sweet corn/avocado/green onion/tomatoes/cucumber/mushrooms/carrots/lettuce greens.

    • Smoked Turkey Cobb Salad


      Bacon/tomato/blue cheese/avocado/diced cucunber.

    • BBQ Sliders


      BBQ Beef, pork or chicken (or any two) and one fixin'. Add slaw –$.75.

    • Catfish


      One fillet, one fixin' and bread choice.

    • BBQ Chicken


      1/4 bird, one fixin' and bread choice.

    • Chicken Strips Over French Fries


      Hand-breaded chicken and fries.

    • BBQ Bowl


      B.Y.O.B. Build your own bowl. Choose one from each row.

      • Cajun rice, fresh mashed potatoes, or cheddar grits
      • BBQ pinto beans or Southern slaw
      • BBQ pulled chicken, pork or beef
      • Sauce it with BBQ sauce, North Carolina sauce or Bourbon glaze
      • Biscuit or cornbread or hushpuppies
    • Nashville Hot Chicken


      Boneless fried chicken breast served Damn Hot! Just like in Nashville over french fries and pickles to cool the fire.

    • Lunch Combos

      All combos include TWO fixin's with choice of biscuit, cornbread or hushpuppies.

    • "Pork Out"


      Select three of your favorite meats. Meat choices: Pulled Pork • Brisket • BBQ Chicken • Smoked Turkey • Country Fried Steak • Fried Chicken • Chicken Fried Chicken • Cajun or Hot Link Sausage • Catfish • Tri-Tip • Baby Back Ribs or Beef Ribs.

    • "Combo BBQ"


      Select two of your favorite meats. Meat choices: Pulled Pork • Brisket • BBQ Chicken • Smoked Turkey • Country Fried Steak • Fried Chicken • Chicken Fried Chicken • Cajun or Hot Link Sausage • Catfish • Tri-Tip • Baby Back Ribs or Beef Ribs.

    • "Carolina Combo"


      Select two of your favorite meats. Meat choices: Pulled Pork • Beef Brisket • BBQ Chicken or Smoked Turkey.

    • Southern Favorites

      Most served with one fixin': a home-baked biscuit, cornbread or hushpuppies. Add a second fixin'–$2.50.

    • Catfish


      Two fillets rolled in our seasoned cornmeal, Southern fried or blackened. Add a third filet–$6.50.

    • Chicken Fried Chicken


      Boneless chicken breast, Southern fried, smothered in gravy. Add a breast–$5.50.

    • Southern Fried Chicken


      Chicken dredged in our special recipe of seasoned flour.

    • Bourbon Glazed Salmon

    • Country Fried Steak


      Country steak in seasoned flour, fried/smothered in country gravy.

    • Cajun Sasuage


      Made specially for Reb's: pork, potato, black peppercorns and spices.

    • Creole Shrimp Over Cheddar Grits


      Simmered in mushrooms, tomatoes and green onions. Does not include fixin'.

    • Chicken & Waffle


      Fried boneless breasts, crisp waffle, jalapeño pepper syrup. Does not include fixin'.

    • Jambalaya


      Smoked chicken, Cajun rice, green onions, Holy trinity of vegetables, Cajun sausage. Include bread choice. Does not include fixin'. Add shrimp–$4.75.

    • BBQ Suppers

      Our view is if it isn't smoked, then it isn't true BBQ! Our meats are seasoned with our own rub, rotisserie smoked slowly with low heat over hardwood coals and served with our own recipe of Atlanta BBQ sauce (a tangy, thick, tomato-based sauce) or our North Carolina BBQ sauce (a thinner, vinegar-based sauce). The smoke ring in our beef and the pink and red tint of our pork and chicken is a natural reaction from real smoke. Enjoy! Served with a home-baked biscuit, cornbread or hushpuppies and TWO Fixin's. Add four Baby Back Ribs to any entrée for $7.95. Our evening fare includes everything on our lunch menu with dinner-sized portions of our Southern favorites and BBQ items. Served all day–ENJOY!  

    • Baby Back Pork Ribs


      12 bones. For 4 bones – $18.00. 6 bones – $24.75.

    • Tri-Tip


      Smoked beef tri-tip.

    • Barbecue Beef


      Brisket, sliced or chopped.

    • Pulled Pork


      Succulent pork butt.

    • Barbecue Chicken


      Half bird.

    • Beef Ribs


      Five extra-large, extra-meaty. Three bones–$29.75.

    • Hot Links


      Spicy Texas sausages.

    • Smoked Turkey


      Freshly smoked natural turkey, sliced.

Prices subject to change.