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Making a Difference: A Message From Founder Cheryl Carter
Our mission for Johnny Rebs’ Shell Out for Charity is to raise money for local non-profits and to raise awareness of the work they are doing while building bridges of connection. To date, your pocket change has raised over $1 million dollars and changed many lives.
NAACP Youth Programs
 This quarter’s Shell Out Recipient is the NAACP Youth Programs in the Long Beach Branch. The NAACP serves all youth, targeting underserved populations including African Americans, Cambodians, Latinos, Pacific Islanders and low-income families. 
Naomi and Cheryl: Collaborators For The Community 
Naomi Rainey-Pierson, President of the Long Beach Branch NAACP, and I have worked together for 30 years. I am in awe of the bridges she builds through her work teaching self-responsibility and giving back. I have witnessed the young people in NAACP’s programs grow and be mentored into future community leaders. We as a community need this work that the NAACP does and I ask you to give generously; to go beyond giving pocket change and get involved where you are moved.
Programs Your Donation Will Directly Support
Stay in School: Elementary to High School student retention program to encourage high attendance, good grades, and discipline in the classroom
ACT-SO Program: Olympics of the Mind competition in the areas of humanities, STEM, business, performing/visual arts, and culinary arts
Conflict Resolution Training: Teaches conflict resolution through communication rather than violence
Fitness and Focus: Promote lifelong fitness and health
Discovery of the Arts: An introduction to the visual and performing arts via field trips and guest artists
Talent Search and Development: Scholarship to assist in the purchase of musical instruments, lessons, showcases of talent, trips, and interaction with established artists
Young Entrepreneurs: The Young Entrepreneurs Program teaches middle and high school students the entrepreneurial process. Guest speakers, mentors, as well as field trips are designed to provide real-world business experiences. The program is a comprehensive, hands-on, practical workshop that takes participants through the entire process of starting a small business
Get Aboard the Technology Train: Youth teach other youth and senior citizens the basic functions of technological devices such as computers, cell phones, and televisions
Math and Science Collaborative: In conjunction with California State University Long Beach College of Engineering and MESA (mathematics, engineering, science, and achievement) Program for high school and college students
To become personally involved in the NAACP go to Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our young community members!
Making a difference in a Young person’s life through your donations means the world to them.
Campaigns We’ve Completed This Year
Xela Aid, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering Mayan families in Guatemala break the cycle of poverty and prosper, and bringing a new Montessori school to the children.
Pathways, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing caregiving for the frail-elderly, hospice care for patients dealing with life-limiting illnesses, and grief support and counseling.
Send a Kid to Camp, allowing children without means to experience the fun of camping.
Agape Children’s Museum, a learning facility that believes in the beauty and necessity of creativity within young ones.
Companies have donated money, personal checks have been written, and many heroes have emerged. Your generosity has overwhelmed us and inspired us to continue. Thank you for sharing your abundance…it will surely grow!