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This is our mantra at Johnny Rebs’ True South, no made up slogans or stories– we focus on authenticity in everything we do from our recipes, loving food preparation, and the community we serve.

A Note From Our Founder, Cheryl Carter:

Cindy Skovgard and her husband.

Pathways Hospice has been a recipient of our Shell Out campaigns a few times over the years. Cindy Skovgard started this non-profit 34 years ago serving the elderly, hospice patients and families moving through grief. I have seen her dedication and talked to people in our community who benefit from Pathway’s services – free of charge. Cindy and her staff are masters at providing customized direction, a place to receive needed support, and genuine care.

Recently, I called upon the Pathways team to help my beloved 87-year-old aunt to navigate her rapid decline in mobility. This connection has been the greatest gift I could have given to my aunt. I have renewed regard and understanding of what this invaluable non-profit provides.

Pathways accomplishes a lot within the small budget they operate on. I encourage you to give generously. And if you find yourself grieving the loss of a loved one, or needing some direction with an aging parent, give them a call. I can personally vouch for the quality it will bring to your experience.”
If you prefer to make a donation online or find out more about Pathways services, visit their website at or call them directly at 562-531-3031.


For more information:
Pathways Volunteer Hospice, a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to providing service to the frail, elderly, terminally ill and providing compassionate support to grieving families.

Campaigns We’ve Completed This Year
Xela Aid, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering Mayan families in Guatemala break the cycle of poverty and prosper, and bringing a new Montessori school to the children.
Companies have donated money, personal checks have been written, and many heroes have emerged. Your generosity has overwhelmed us and inspired us to continue. Thank you for sharing your abundance…it will surely grow!