Specialty Cocktails


Specialty Cocktails

    • Speciality Cocktails

      Our handcrafted cocktails are served exclusively at our Bellflower location.

    • Old Fashioned

      Bulleit® bourbon, Angostura® and orange bitters, orange peel, cherry garnish.

    • French Martini

      Grey Goose® Vodka, Chambord® Raspberry liqueur, pineapple juice.

    • Moonshine Mary

      Ole' Smoky White Lightnin'®, Johnny Rebs' signature Bloody Mary mix, okra, olive, celery garnish.

    • Bourbon Berry Smash

      Buffalo Trace® bourbon, Chambord® raspberry liqueur, boysenberry preserves, mint, lemonade.

    • Orange Cream Martini

      Absolut® Vanilla, Grand Marnier®, orange juice, cream, orange bitters.

    • Painkiller

      Appleton Estate® Jamaican rum, Malibu® rum, pineapple and orange juice, nutmeg sprinkle, orange and pineapple garnish.

Prices subject to change.