Stuckey's® Pecan Logs

Available Now At All Johnny Rebs'!

Johnny Rebs’ Now Offers Stuckey’s Most Iconic Southern Treat: Pecan Logs! Memory Lane Now Stretches from Georgia to California

Anyone taking a trip to the South from the East or Midwest, or cross-country into the southwest and Texas, will likely run across a Stuckey’s along the highway. And eventually, you’ll stop at one for fuel, a rest and of course, a Pecan Log Roll or some world-famous Pralines, reminiscent of the old South.
In 1937, W. S. Stuckey opened his Georgia pecan stand. From this meager beginning, Stuckey’s grew to be an iconic roadside oasis for families to stop, gas up, use a restroom and grab a snack. Little did Mrs. Ethel Stuckey know that her “heavenly inspired” creation, the Pecan Log Roll, would become the enduring attraction it is today. Eighty years later, the Stuckey’s Pecan Log Roll remains a top-seller, mostly sold in the South. 
Meantime in 1984, a small roadhouse-type of a Southern restaurant was opened in Southern California by two boys from North Carolina and a recently graduated girl from California. Over the years Johnny Rebs’ has grown its Southern culture into three stores selling BBQ, Catfish, Hushpuppies & Grits. In tune with their legendary slogan “Put Some South in Your Mouth”, Johnny Rebs’ True South approached Stuckey’s to see about carrying their line of candies.
And just like the divinely inspired Stuckey’s locations and candies were like coming home to weary travelers, so are Johnny Rebs’ three restaurants sanctuary to those from the South, or have kin in the South or have visited the South. A marriage of two icons, both representing the qualities and traditions of the South, was born.
NOW, Stuckey’s candies are on sale in California! Stop into any of our three locations in Long Beach, Bellflower or Orange to get your Stuckey’s Pecan Log today.
The first shipment sold out in four days. Guests shared story after story of their own Stuckey’s experience. Joan from New Orleans always served Pecan Log Rolls for dessert when she made Shrimp Boil. She bought four logs. And the walk down memory lane with Ethel Stuckey’s famous recipe just keeps unfolding. 
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